Dehydrated Fruits & Nuts

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Organic dried fruits and nuts

We have been strongly promoting organic dehydrated fruits to have people all over the world enjoy a lot of kind of fruits from tropical countries. Now our products, dried mango, longan, ginger and so on have become our key ones. We wish many people enjoy natural sweetness of organic dried fruits instead of artificial sweeteners when their tea time.

On the other hands nuts are rich in nutrition and have been loved by people from ancient time. We have visited many farms and will do as ever to look for good quality organic nuts such ask cashew and almond.

Organic dehydrated fruit

When you eat something sweet, we recommend to take dried fruit. They are convenient and useful snacks.

  • Organic dried mango(nam dok mai)
  • Organic dried mango(mahachanok)
  • Organic dried mango(kaew)
  • Organic dried banana
  • Organic dried ginger
  • Organic dried pineapple
  • Organic dried mangosteen
  • Organic dried lychee
  • Organic dried longan
  • Organic dried red dragon fruit (PITAYA)
  • Organic dried white dragon fruit

Organic nuts

Nuts are the best for nibbles. Since it is said that a lot of pesticides are used for growing nuts we’d like to suggest you to choose organic ones.

  • Organic cashew nuts(W240)
  • Organic cashew nuts(W320)
  • Organic coconuts chips
  • Organic durian chips

Organic freeze dried fruit

Freeze dried products are attracting a lot of attention as a good way to preserve foods now. We believe it has potential for growth and are going to develop new products.

  • Organic freeze dried red dragon fruit
  • Organic freeze dried longan